Year Two

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We freestyled the last half of 2019, simply because we had to. Now, after slowing down and a two week holiday break recharging with family and soaking up all the respite home has to offer, we feel recharged. In the past we’ve set goals, and this year is no different, even with the bout of people saying they’re lowering the bar, or adopting a slower better fewer philosophy in order to be kinder to themselves and avoid burn out. We support that; we’ve been there. But with a newfound energy, we’re ready to do everything we can imagine in 2020. Listing them will help keep us accountable.

So here’s a small snippet of what we’ve been thinking about lately (or the past year, if we’re honest):


  • More of these please!

  • We’ve supplied surfaces to a handful of food photography and styling workshops, editorial shoots, cookbook shoots, etc. in the past. If you’re a creative and want to work together, let’s chat!

New Products

  • Ready to ship canvas backdrops in small sizes to medium sizes.

  • Build up more ready to ship inventory.

  • Continue to build rental inventory. We’re currently offering local rentals to the SF Bay Area, and are still looking for the best way to keep stock up in San Francisco (vs. our space in Los Gatos). Sign up for our newsletter for the formal announcement and launch soon.

 Website Updates

  • Create more content, including video tutorials, and be better about capturing behind the scenes.

  • Update our select catalog. It’s been over a year, and we’ve created some fun things since then.

Studio Refresh

  • Refresh the workshop space, which was formerly a potting shed and hobby mechanic garage. At minimum, a power wash, fresh coat of interior paint.

  • Down the road, break down a wall, add a utility sink, sand and refinish all cabinets, reseal concrete floors, and add some kind of seamless flooring down over the wood planked portion of the mechanic garage.

Giving Back

  • Giving back has always been important to us, and this year we hope to put a portion of every purchase toward some good. Environmental and art education causes are close to our heart, so we’ll be looking for the best non-profit organizations to work with and put things into action soon.

As always, our focus remains on creating beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind custom surfaces and backdrops for all types of creative needs. We still feel so lucky to be doing this for a living, and have every intention of growing in 2020. Stay tuned. There are slower, better, lots more things to come. Cheers to the new year.

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