Year One

Photo Surfaces, Background, Backdrop, CocktailHere we are with only a few days left of February, and yet to write a review of our first year. When we started January 2018 we weren’t sure how things would go, how we would measure up. Still finding our photography groove back, painting kept us sane. It was an outlet, a side project, something new to nurture.

Last summer when we felt we were finally hitting our stride (like we already made it!), we had a chat with our friend Ramon who mentioned something we think of often: That we were at our soft launch. It took us a few months to realize he was absolutely right. There’s so much more to do, room to grow, many more places to go. Did we need to dream bigger?

We admire the hustle, but know we’re not built for it. It’s not a lack ambition per se (we’re ARE big dreamers here!), we just value our time and the importance of intention. You know the folks in their 70s who are still doing their thing, not burnt out? That’s our ambition. To love what we do years and years from now. To be slow, steady, mindful.

All that to say, we are grateful to be working our way, at our pace, and even more thankful for all the photographers, designers, stylists, makers, art directors, and prop shops we’ve connected with and created things for. Can't wait to do more work with you!

A few big things we hope for this coming year: 1) move into a dedicated space; and 2) build out our rental inventory - things that have been on our minds for a while, but are finally on the horizon.

Now for some fun numbers. Here’s what we painted in 2018:

•  104 - 24”x36” surfaces
•  2 - 24”x48” surfaces
•  84 - 36”x48” surfaces
•  10 - backdrops
        That’s over 2,000 sqft of surfaces. Amazing!

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