Settling Into the Studio

It's been a busy spring and start to summer with various business and personal matters going on behind the scenes. As things are starting to calm a bit, we're looking forward to settling into the new studio. 
A few months ago Alex & I moved into a home tucked away in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and this little workshop is actually two spaces in our garage: one bay built for car repairs (under the wooden planks are stairs down so you can work on the undercarriage of your car!) and an area the former owner used as her gardening/potting shed. We have tons of ideas on how to transform the space, to make it more efficient and conducive to the work we do - maybe break down a wall, add a utility sink, rework and refinish the cabinets, apply a fresh coat of paint... so many things that we'll get to in time!
For now, we're just going to enjoy the room and revel in how lucky we are to work outside and be so close to nature every day.
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Also, our property has no shortage of forest animals and creatures, from deer frolicking through the backwoods early morning and late afternoon, to birds galore, to coyotes howling in the distance, to snake and scorpion sitings. No fear, they're all harmless! 

Photo Surfaces Inspiration, Studio, Paint Studio

If you're ever in the Bay Area and want to come by for a studio visit, let us know! Would love to have you.

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