Welcome To Photo Surfaces!

We can't believe it! This shop update has been a long time coming. (Sorry, Etsy!) Fleshing out a website is no joke, so thank you for coming and poking around. 

What's to come?  

When we launched Photo Surfaces in January, our intention was to share one-of-a-kind surfaces with photographers, stylists, and other creatives who wanted beautiful, original pieces to accent their work. While this will never change, we want to do something for the clients who have asked about a lower price points, smaller backgrounds (standard is 24"x36"), and other materials, like canvas. We're listening, and have a few cool things in the works for you soon.

Also still on our minds from spring: a studio and surface rentals! The idea of a studio excites us so much, but trying to feel out the right space, feeling the market woes, and some unexpected traveling meant it didn't work out for us this year. We'll be passively on the lookout while we build out a small inventory of rentals in the coming months, which of course we'll share here too.

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